Features Overview

Powerful capabilities that busy people with big goals require


You’ll love managing your projects in IdeasToDone!

Projects are where you can set up much more complex and in-depth projects, plans, programs, and more.

Projects can contain unlimited levels of nested tasks & sub-tasks.

You can organize tasks quickly using drag and drop.

This allows you to continue to expand your project to incorporate more levels of detailed actions as needed. You might get more ideas as you go along and need to add another level. 

IdeasToDone is great for setting up & managing any personal projects you might need in your personal or business life.

Project Directory and Project Tasks with Multiple Task levels on iPad in Light Mode


Unlimited Folders, Sub-Folders and Project Lists.

Project Levels Icon showing 5 nested levels


Unlimited levels of tasks and sub-tasks.


You can drag & drop Folders, Project Lists, and Project Tasks where you want them.


You can clone a project. You can also mass copy & move tasks. 


Get Things Off Your Mind and Into IdeasToDone — fast!!

Inboxes a great for quickly getting ideas, random to-do’s, and tasks off your mind and into IdeasToDone.

You can set up as many Inboxes as you’d like.

You can set up an Inbox for each area of your life, such as
Personal, Work, Business, Family, Household, Hobby, Recreation, School, etc.

An Inbox might also be for a specific list, such as
a Grocery List, a Packing List, Movies To See, Books To Read, etc.

Inboxes showing Personal Tasks on iPad in Light Mode 2


Get your todo’s added quickly and easily.


As random things come up, just quickly add them


Get your great ideas added so you won’t forget

Focus View

One click access to over 100 Smart Lists of tasks.

Focus View is where you can go to find over 100 specialized lists we’ve created for you called Smart Lists.

There is no need for you to create a Smart List yourself using filters, codes, or search expressions that a few apps require.

On the left side, you’ll see the Smart List Directory. Most Smart Lists can be accessed with two taps/clicks.

Focus View - Smart List showing Tasks with Highest Importance with Highest Urgency on iPad in Light Mode


Review Smart Lists to see what you have on your plate. For example, a list of overdue tasks, what tasks are due next week, or tasks for a specific context or location.


Set or change dates, priorities and settings for many tasks at once. Access a Smart List of tasks with no importance and set the importance level for several selected tasks in a single action.


Prioritized Smart Lists help you focus on getting things done such as overdue tasks or tasks with high importance or impact.


Standard Reusable Templates Can Save You Time!

Templates are reusable model Projects. You can create new Projects using a template you set up.

With IdeasToDone, you have a dedicated View to set up and manage all of your templates.

You can have as many templates as you like. Each template can have as many nested levels of tasks and sub-tasks as you need.

You also have a dedicated Template Directory to organize and manage your templates.

Templates - SEO Checklist with several tasks with Add Task Menu on iPad in Light Mode


Unlimited Template Folders, Sub-Folders, and Template Lists.


Your Templates can have unlimited levels of tasks and sub-tasks.


Presetting your priorities for each template task in advance will save you time when you create a project from the template.


Presetting your organizers for each template task in advance will save you time when you create a project from the template.

Task Calendar

It’s the most capable calendar you’ll find in a to-do list app!


The built-in Calendar is as capable as the popular calendars you’ve used.

Visual Drag and Drop Task Scheduling is a breeze!

Your tasks are color-coded based on the priority category you select
(Importance, Urgency, Impact, and Effort)

You also can filter your tasks by the Persona you select.

Calendar showing Weekly View on iPad in Light Mode with priority color-coded tasks.


Schedule and reschedule tasks, including the day, start and end time with a simple drag and drop.


Day, Week, Month and List Views. A quick glance shows you what’s on your plate.


Easily see your priorities, filter by Persona and manage tasks right from the calendar!


Recurring Tasks, Reminders, Notes, and more!

Tasks can be used for anything you like. A task can be a task, an errand, a call, a meeting, an idea, a place, an item, a thing, and more.

Recurring tasks are easy to set up and there is a lot of flexibility when setting them up. We support daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurring tasks.

You can set up multiple reminders for a task – each with a single tap/click.

You can set up a web link (URL) for a task.

Lastly, you can add notes to your task with no limit on the number of characters.

Setting A Due Date and Priorities For A Project Task on iPad in Light Mode


Daily, weekly, monthly or annual recurrences every X days, weeks or months. Regular & non-standard patterns.


It’s easy to set up one or more reminders for each task. Only one tap/click per reminder.


Virtually unlimited space to provide additional information about each task.

Task Management

The most flexible to do list app for managing your tasks!

You can manage your tasks in a variety of ways in IdeasToDone.

In the simplest form, tasks can just be items on a list.

Or, you can set a due date for some or all of your tasks.

You can also use priority categories (Importance, Urgency, Impact, Effort) with 5 levels ranging from low to highest.

You also can use 7 different Task Organizer categories – Task Type, Tags, Context, Location, List Groups, Task Statuses, and Personas.

Setting Priorities and Organizers for a Task on iPad in Light Mode


Manage your tasks by Due Date, start time, and duration.


Manage and prioritize your tasks by Importance, Urgency, Impact and Effort – 5 levels for each from highest to low.


Or manage by Task Type, Context, Location, List Group, Persona, Tags and Task Status.


Saves you time by managing several selected tasks in a single action

Multi-Edit is available for
Inboxes, Projects, Smart Lists in Focus View, and Templates.

Select two or more tasks you want to manage.

Then set or change due dates, priorities, and task organizers for all of them with a single action.

Using Multi-Edit to change Due Date on 3 selected Tasks on iPad in Light Mode 2


Set or change dates for many tasks at once. For example, change the due date for all overdue tasks to tomorrow.


Set or change priorities for several tasks with a single action. For example, select certain tasks with no impact level to Highest Impact.


Set or change a reminder or other settings for all selected tasks. For example, set the Context for several tasks to Computer.


Review and analyze your productivity and upcoming workload

Over 25 Dashboards are available that give you a visual picture of your tasks, activity, and production.

Each dashboard can be accessed with 1 or 2 taps/clicks.

Dashboards showing Tasks with Impact Levels by Day on iPad in Light Mode


What’s due and overdue by importance, urgency, impact and effort.


Your tasks by day for the next 2 weeks by priority.


Tracks your productivity by day, by week and by month.


Gain insight into “troublesome” tasks and opportunities to get more things done.

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