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The first place to go if you want answers to your questions in seconds is the Help Bot in the bottom right corner of any page on the website.

The Help Bot uses an advanced artificial intelligence engine that has been specifically trained in all of the IdeasToDone documentation and pages, as well as many frequently asked questions. We will continue to train the Help Bot on an ongoing basis.

The Help Bot will usually provide a thorough answer and also a link to the source page or article so you can get further information.

In the event that the Help Bot doesn’t provide a satisfactory answer, feel free to try the Live Chat or submit a Support Request.

Simply tap or click on the Help Bot icon in the bottom right corner of any page and ask your questions.

Documentation for IdeasToDone


The Getting Started documentation is a good place to go when you are just beginning to set up IdeasToDone. But it also covers all of the major features in IdeasToDone, and provides step-by-step instructions on how to do something.


If you need an answer, please check our Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking on the icon or title above.


If you want to connect with a human, tap or click on the blue Live Chat icon in the bottom left corner of any page.

The Live Chat may not be staffed all of the time during normal business hours. In those cases, please be patient, and submit your question or issue in the Live Chat, and we’ll respond when we become available.

Response times will vary quite a bit, so also take advantage of the Help Bot.


If you’re having an issue or wish to report a problem, please tap or click on the title or icon above to complete a support request.

You can also report your issue in the Live Chat.

In reporting an issue, please be as detailed as you can to help us help you. It is very helpful to indicate the device (Mac, iPad, iPhone, or all), which View you were using (Inboxes, Projects, Focus, Calendar, Templates, etc.), what exactly you were doing, etc.


If you have a feature request, we are ready to take your input. Please click on the icon or title above and you’ll be taken to the Enhancement Request page.


If you have a suggestion, we’d love to hear about it. Please click on the icon or title above and you’ll be taken to the Suggestions page.


Check out our resources in the Documentation Center
to find out how to do something in IdeasToDone

Documentation for IdeasToDone


We will have extensive documentation in our knowledge base. Getting Started documentation is available now. Additional documentation will be added on an ongoing basis.



Will be added throughout 2023.


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