IdeasToDone Overview

To-Do List. Task Management. Planner.
All rolled into one powerful app
for Macs, iPads, and iPhones.

Set Goals. Plan. Organize. Prioritize. Manage. Schedule.

Get Stuff Done.

Advanced Features

Powerful features & capabilities you need to get things done!

IdeasToDone was designed to meet the needs of busy
professionals, business owners, goal-driven people, and people who need to get stuff done.

We’ve incorporated many advanced features to meet your demanding needs.

We’ve removed arbitrary limitations.

Yet, we’ve made every function easy to use and efficient to save you time.

The Project Directory is where you can organize your projects into folders and sub-folders. Projects support unlimited nested levels of tasks and sub-tasks.


Unlimited projects, unlimited tasks and unlimited sub-task levels for managing projects. Project Directory with unlimited Folders and Folder levels.


For simple todo’s, random things and ideas. Unlimited Inboxes and unlimited tasks.


Over 100 Smart Lists accessed by a simple tap/click or two!


A robust built-in calendar showing your tasks with visual scheduling, priority color-coding and active management within the Calendar!


Lots of options & flexibility for managing your tasks including due dates, priorities, and task organizers such as locations, contexts and more.


Live Charts for reviewing your productivity and your upcoming workload.


Reusable standard project templates save you time. Unlimited Template Folders and levels. Unlimited Template tasks and sub-task levels.


Set or change due dates, priorities and other task settings for many tasks in one action.


Flexible & easy to set up recurring tasks. Multiple reminders per task too!


Unlimited Custom Searches. Flexible search criteria and sorting options. No code or syntax is necessary. Just tap or click.


Set or change task description and details, dates and time, priorities, organizers, unlimited notes, and unlimited web links for each task.


Nine different organizer categories with unlimited labels for each. Task Types, Tags, Locations, Contexts, List Groups, Task Statuses, Time Buckets, Scopes, and Personas.

The Best To-Do List,
Task Management & Planner App

For your iPads, Macs and iPhones

IdeasToDone was designed to meet the needs of busy
professionals, business owners, and goal-driven people.

We’ve incorporated many advanced features to meet your demanding needs.

We’ve removed arbitrary limitations.

Yet, we’ve made every function easy to use and efficient to save you time.



IdeasToDone runs on any Mac running MacOS Monterey. It’s the best to-do list, task management, and planner app you’ll find for the Mac.



IdeasToDone runs on any iPad running iOS 16 or greater. You won’t find a better to-do list, task management, and planner app for your iPad!



IdeasToDone runs on any iPhone running iOS 16 or greater. It’s the most powerful to-do list, task management, and planner app available for the iPhone, and very handy when you’re on the go!

IdeasToDone is the best to-do list, task management, and planner app for Macs, iPads, and iPhones. This image shows the in-app Calendar with a view of the day's scheduled tasks with color-coded priority levels on an iPhone.

Private, Secure & Safe

Your IdeasToDone data stays safe on your MacOS, iPadOS and iOS devices & your iCloud account


Your data is protected by the devices you trust – your Mac, your iPad, and your iPhone, along with your iCloud account. Your data is not stored on IdeasToDone servers, because we have no servers. So, we can never see your data under any circumstances


Your IdeasToDone data is stored on each of your devices, as well as on your iCloud account. Your data is kept in sync across all your devices. If you get a replacement device or an additional device, once you install IdeasToDone on your new device, your data will be synced to it as well.


Your data is automatically kept in sync in your iCloud and available across your Macs, iPads, and iPhones.


From critical business projects to a simple weekend to do list

IdeasToDone is great for helping you manage and organize the simple things. For example, a grocery list, things you need to do this weekend, etc.

Where IdeasToDone really excels is helping you plan, organize, and manage the complex projects you have.

And of course, there’s everything else in between.

You can use IdeasToDone for a lot more than to-do lists.


Long Term Goals. Annual Goals. Goals for each area of your life.



Business strategy. Marketing Strategy. Sales Strategy. Account Strategy.



Brilliant ideas. Random ideas. Big ideas. Inspiration. A great concept.



Content research. Marketing research. Research for major purchases.



Design ideas. Ideas for a book. Inspirational research. Options to consider.

Project Directory showing various folders and project lists.


Long-term plans. Contingency plans. Business plans. Account plans.



Customer projects. Home improvement projects. Development projects.



Marketing programs. Onboarding programs. Hiring programs.



Errands to run. Things to do today. Things that come up. Things to get organized.



Your shopping list. A gift list. List of places to go. Books to read. Movies to watch. Cool technology.

Dark Mode

If you like Dark Mode, check out what IdeasToDone looks like!

This image shows a Dashboard with the number of tasks for each Persona.

A Pleasure to Use

Put your attention on your tasks, not the effort to manage them.



Create, schedule and prioritize tasks super fast!



Simple, intuitive and straight forward to use.



Get organized with minimal time and effort.

Smart Lists are designed to help you efficiently review, manage, and work through your tasks. This image shows a Smart List of tasks with the Highest Impact and the Least Effort. Working on these tasks will get you the biggest bang for the time you spend.


Great features for your demanding needs.



Lots of options to manage your tasks.



Freedom to organize tasks as you need.

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