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Looking for help regarding Inboxes? Tap/click on the icon or title above to get the information you need. How to set up Inboxes, rename Inboxes, re-arrange Inboxes and more.


You’ll find all the documentation relating to projects by tapping/clicking on the icon or title above. There’s articles on adding project folders & lists, adding project tasks, re-arranging folders, lists and tasks and more.


Click/tap on the icon or title above to find the documentation on Focus View and it’s Smart Lists. You find articles and videos on various Smart Lists, how to use Smart Lists, using Multi-Edit with a Smart List and more.


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Check out our documentation for Dashboards by tapping/clicking on the icon or title above. You’ll learn about the different dashboards available and see what they look like, as well as how to use them.


Find out more about Templates by tapping/clicking on the icon or title above. Learn about creating Template Folders & Lists and adding template tasks. Get details on how to create a project from a template.


Get information on everything related to Organizers by tapping/clicking on the icon or title above. Learn how to add and use Organizers to help you become better organized.


You’ll find information on app level defaults for dates & times as well as links to our Getting Started documentation. You’ll also find how to communicate with us to report issues, request enhancements and more.


You’ll find everything you need to know about tasks by clicking/tapping the icon or title above. Learn how to add, edit, complete and delete tasks for Inboxes, Projects, Smart Lists and Templates.


You can learn more about Multi-Edit by tapping/clicking the icon or title above. You’ll find all you need regarding Multi-Edits for Inboxes, Projects, Smart Lists and Templates.


You can find out all about recurring tasks by clicking/tapping the icon or title above. Learn how to set up daily, weekly, monthly or yearly recurring tasks for any task.


Everything you need to know about editing tasks can be found by clicking/tapping the icon or title above. You can find out about how to set or change due dates, priorities, organizers and more.


You can about the platforms that IdeasToDone runs on and does not run on and also check out the FAQ section.


You can learn about privacy and security-related topics and our frequently asked questions in this area.


You can get your questions answered regarding pricing and subscription billing, cancellation, etc. here as well as frequently asked questions.

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Add Template Tasks

Add Template Tasks

Getting Started Step 26. A Template List can have an unlimited number of template tasks. A Template List can also have nested levels of template tasks.

A template task that has sub-tasks can be called a parent task. The sub-tasks can be called child tasks.

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Go Through The Tasks Overview

Go Through The Tasks Overview

Getting Started Step 8. Tasks are the heart of IdeasToDone. The entire app is dedicated to helping you add, organize, manage, and, ultimately, complete tasks.

So, what is a task in IdeasToDone?

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Set Up Task Organizers

Set Up Task Organizers

Getting Started Step 3. The first thing that you’ll want to do is add a few Task Organizers. You can assign Task Organizers to tasks. The purpose of Task Organizers is to help you organize and manage your tasks.

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Complete Tasks

Complete Tasks

Getting Started Step 30. There are several ways to complete tasks in IdeasToDone. The methods available will depend on the device you are using. These ways include…

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Add Template Lists

Add Template Lists

Getting Started Step 25. Template Lists are similar to Project Lists. Template Folders are helpful for grouping and organizing your projects. Template Folders can contain Template Lists as well as other Template Folders.

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IdeasToDone Overview

IdeasToDone Overview

Getting Started Step 1. IdeasToDone is a to-do list and task management app that will help you plan, organize and manage the tasks and other things you have going on in your life.
IdeasToDone has eight (8) different Views — each focused on a specific area of the app.

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Create A Project From A Template

Create A Project From A Template

Getting Started Step 27. Creating a new Project from a Template is simple and fast to do. Creating a new Project from a Template will bring over all of the tasks from the Template, along with any task settings for each task such as priorities, task organizers, etc.

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